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Mathura Vrindavan Question And Answer

What Is Famous For Mathura?

Mathura Is famous for birthplace of lord krishna

Is Mathura Vrindavan same?

No,  Mathura Vrindavan is not same.

How long does it  take to visit Mathura and Vrindavan

30 Minuts

Why Is Vrindavan Famous?

Vrindavan is a town and famous for temples. This place is land of god.

Whate is famous food of Mathura?

Sweet PEDA of mathura is famous all over the world. Kachori Jalebi is the common breakfast combination

which River Flows in Mathura?

Ans Yamuna River

Is it better to stay in mathura or vrindavan

Ans. Both but vrindavan is 12KM from Mathura junction.

How far vrindavan from Mathura

12 Km   

when shoud i visit in Mathura?

October to April

What should I buy from Mathura?

Peda, Lord krishna Related Articles

What is the speciality of Mathura

Mathura is a pilgrim center and birth place of lord krishna

Which sweet is famous in Mathura?

Peda of Mathura

Is Mathura worth visiting?


How do I Plan my Mathura Vrindavan Trip

How far is Agra from Mathura?
60 KM

How far is Vrindavan from Mathura railway station

12 KM

is Ola available in Mathura


Who Destroyed Mathura temple


How Can i explore Mathura

is vrindavan and Gokul same?


What Language is spoken in Mathura?


How can i go to Mathura Vrindavan from Delhi?

Yamuna expressway & NH2

How can i go to Vrindavan from Noida?

Yamuna Express Way And by Train to Mathura Jn.

How can i visit Mathura in One day

radha krishna

How can i visit in Mathura

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