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History of Mathura the birthplace of Lord Krishna

Mathura is known as the sacred city of Uttar Pradesh, Northern India . Mathura the birthplace of Lord Krishna and one of the Holiest city of Hindus .

The Yamuna river goes through Mathura and there are 25 Ghats of which Vishram Ghat known as the holiest. This city is located 11 km away from Vrindavan and 22 km away from goverdhan.

History of mathura
History Of Mathura

History of Mathura

If we start from the roots of history of Mathura we find its significance as the birthplace of Lord Krishna who was born in Yadu Dynasty. After this we find that the land was claimed by lavanasur- who was the demon killed by Shatrughan the youngest brother of Ram.

He built this place and named Madhuvan then it was changed to Madhupura and then later to Mathura. Mathura then became very important Centre for trade by 6th century BCE as it became the capital of surasena kingdom, they ruled over Mathura in 6th century BC.

Then in 4th century BCE Mauryas took it from sursena and ruled Mathura. Many archaeologists says that after Maurya Shungas ruled over this city but there was not even a single archeological remains found.

Many says that indo-greeks may have ruled it but it is not confirmed. After this many local rulers ruled Mathura but after the rule of locals, Indo-scythian- group of Iranian people of Saka and scythian origin in first century BCE conquered Mathura they ruled for very short period.

After the rule of Indo- scythians the Kushan Empire formed it's empire in Mathura. During Kushana period Mathura became important city for trades and economic hub.

The great king Kanishka of Kushan dynasty made Mathura their capital. Mathura art and culture now started getting recognition.

Other than Mathura kapisa, purushapura and Takshila were also the capitals of Kushan. After the decline of Kushan empire in 3rd Century the naga dynasty ruled Mathura along with vidisha and Kanti Puri . 

Faixan- Chinese Buddhist monk visited Mathura in 400 CE he has written a little about Mathura he wrote that Buddhism was followed by some people there were no taxes levied on farmers and people there were decent he wrote that no one killed and consumed animals, no one consumed wine and did not eat onion and garlic he found several Buddhist monasteries and Hindu temples too.

 At last in 1018 CE the city was invaded by Mahmud of Ghazni and he destroyed many temples .

In 1489 Sikandar Lodhi ruler of Delhi did the same and he earned the title of "Destroyer of Hindu deities" and then in 1670 the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb attacked Mathura and destroyed the Keshav Dev temple and built the Shahi Eidgah Masjid in its place, currently this is located near janmabhoomi.

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